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Our new book on Marriage will be published in July, but we wanted to give you a brief preview.

Despite having written more than two dozen family and parenting books, we didn’t want to tackle the subject of marriage until we had a lot of it under our belts, we waited 50 years, and The 8 Myths of Marriage will be released on our 50th Anniversary this July.

We decided to approach the subject from the standpoint of some of the “common wisdom” about relationships and marriages that is actually not wisdom at all—in fact it is myths. Getting past these myths enough that we can find the corresponding truth is no small task.

But it always starts with exposing the myth. Here are the first of the myths that the book discusses, and more to come next week:

1. The Clone Myth

A good measure of the quality of your relationship or marriage is how alike you are, and how infrequently you disagree or argue.

Truth: The best and most exciting marriages are between two strong individuals who relish rather than resent their differences; who each have their own unique opinions and can disagree and debate and learn from each other. “How you resolve” is a better measure than “how often you need to.”

If this myth interests you, or if you think it may be affecting your marriage, take a look or a listen to the advice contained on this subject in the following:

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