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Sometimes what we need most as parents is just the opposite of the old advice your mother used to shout at you, “Don’t just sit there, do something!”

In our busy, frantic, crazy world within our families, we need to turn the old cliche around and tell ourselves “don’t just do something, sit there!” We need a moment to sit and think, to remind ourselves of what is important, to remember what matters most. We need to just sit there for a minute (even if we have to lock ourselves in the bathroom to do so) and collect ourselves.

We need to learn to separate the important from the urgent. We need to remember that calmness is contagious and can spread to our kids if we can find it within ourselves.

Please take a minute and listen to the podcast below, and see if you can find a way to put thinking above doing for a minute–and learn to stop just doing something–in favor of “sitting there.”

Good luck!


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