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Most of us think of goals in relation to Achievements—goals for our careers, for our grades, for our finances. But there is another kind of goals that is even more important—Relationship Goals.

Achievement Goals are usually qualitative—they are set and can be measured in numbers or percentages…we want to make X amount of money, or lose X pounds, or get an X grade point average.

Relationship Goals are more qualitative—Instead of expressing them in numbers, we express them in words. They are a description of a relationship the way we want it to be at a certain point in the future—a year from now or five years from now.

The thing that Achievement Goals and Relationship goals have in common is that they are effective when they form a clear picture of something you want to have at a particular future time. And a descriptive Relationship Goal is just as effective and can bring just as strong a result as an Achievement Goal.

For some specifics on how to set and reach Relationship Goals:

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