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The best parents we know have what might be called “A positive, ‘can’t do’ attitude.” What we mean by that is that they acknowledge that they can’t do it by themselves, that they need help in raising their children. Sometimes the difference between successful and unsuccessful parents is simply their willingness to ask for help, and to know when and who to ask!

Getting help with your marriage and your kids is not a sign of weakness—on the contrary, it is a sign of wisdom and strength. First of all, we all need some kind of support mechanism that backs us up on the values we are trying to teach our children. For many of us, that is a Church. Second, we need the help of other good parent friends who we can talk to and be of help to each other’s kids. Third, we need help from grandparents or uncles and aunts or others who know our children and who may have the ”social distance” to help them in ways that we can’t. Fourth, we may need professional counseling or therapy for tough times in our marriage. Fifth, and perhaps most important of all, we all need divine help. Nothing is more powerful than an earthly parent praying to a Heavenly Parent for help with their shared children.

We have discussed that need for help in some detail in the article and podcast below:

Article Podcast

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