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We love sharing one specific parenting or marriage tip each week, but this week we take a brief break from them to focus on Joy School (because if you have preschoolers, now is the time to think about starting a Joy School group for the coming school year).

Joy School is a phenomenal preschool curriculum that focuses on teaching kids the social and emotional “joys” that give them a foundation of happiness for life and that get them ready for kindergarten. Units include the Joy of the Body, the Joy of Imagination and Creativity, The Joy of Goal Striving and Order, and seven other “joys.”

Moms set up Joy School groups and then moms rotate as the teacher using the methods, stories, songs, and activities that make the teaching easy. All the other moms (who are not teaching that week) have the morning off!

One of the most complete preschool curriculums ever developed, Joy School costs a small fraction of what commercial preschools cost, and the program has become so popular that it has now been used by more than 300,000 families

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