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We have appreciated all of the favorable comments on the “Top Ten Parenting Ideas” and hope the ones you have tried are working for you. You can review them here and continue to try new ones as you feel the need for “something new” as (all parents often do). Don’t try to do them all at once, just pick the ones most relevant to your family right now.

As we move toward Spring, it is a popular time to start your kids on the Alexander’s Amazing Adventures series to teach and reinforce values. It continues to amaze us how much kids love these audio adventures, and you can try the first part of the first one (on Honesty) for free to be sure that it resonates with your children.

Also, if you have preschoolers, it is not too early to begin planning for this coming school year and to start organizing a Joy School group. Browse through the Joy School menu and begin getting ready for a fantastic experience in learning the various “joys” yourself as you teach them to your child!

Lots of love from our house to yours,
Linda and Richard Eyre and family

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