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During the last few months, we have been blogging about what we consider to be the 10 Best Parenting Ideas we have come across during our three decades of writing to and speaking with parents worldwide.

So as the new year begins, we thought we would send you a quick access to these 10 ideas by listing their links. They are in no particular order, and you would probably be well advised not to try all of them at once. Read or skim through them and pick the ones that you need right now and that you feel would resonate with your own and unique family.

Idea #1: The Repenting Bench
Idea #2: The Ancestor Story Book
Idea #3: The “Decisions in Advance” List
Idea #4: The Family Bank (and Family Economy)
Idea #5: Refined Family Traditions
Idea #6: The Family Vision Statement
Idea #7: The “Five-Facet Review”
Idea #8: Mommy Dates and Daddy Dates
Idea #9: The Family Value of the Month
Idea #10: A Secret Code for Better Family Communication

Enjoy the ones you choose to try! Happy New Year from our house to yours!

Love and Blessings,

Linda and Richard

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