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Happy New Year!

We have worked with our publisher and sponsors to extend three special offers for baby boomers through the month of January. If you received this email and are not (yet) in your 50s or 60s, please forward this to your parents or others who you feel could benefit from some great chances to create a positive strategy for their senior years.

As you may know, much of our writing and speaking of late has been to grandparents like ourselves! And out of it has come a whole new philosophy that we call Life in Full which is aimed at making “the autumn of life” richer, happier and more fulfilling. Out if it has come three specific ways to participate:

1. A free copy of our book Life in Full, where we try to create a vivid vision of how good life can be at this stage—with the emphasis on grandchildren, relationships, and adventure; including some insights on how to preserve the health and the wealth that can make it all possible. To get a free copy, just go to

2. A Life in Full cruise, where we will spend 6 sea days discussing the various possibilities and challenges that come with this empty-nester autumn season of life; and have some great times in London before the transatlantic trip, and in NYC at the end of the trip. If you or someone you love might like to come along, go to

3. Interactive discussions and brainstorming at a Life in Full retreat in the beautiful Heber Valley of Utah where we will combine recreation with re-creation and lay out some dynamic new approaches for maximizing both our longevity and our legacy. Get more information and get signed up here.

If you are a baby boomer or a grandparent, we hope you will join us in one or more of these opportunities. If you are not quite that old yet, please forward this along to any seniors in your family or among your acquaintances who might be interested in these opportunities.

Happy New Year,
Richard and Linda Eyre

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