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An idea for the New Year that we hope will improve your parenting and help your family in 2015
As we think back over the years, we realize how much our lives have been enriched by you who have supported and been interested in our efforts to Fortify Families by celebrating commitment, popularizing parenting, validating values and bolstering balance–who have read our books and done joy school and followed
We were trying to think of an appropriate New Year’s gift that we could give you.  It’s not much, but one thing we thought of was the new youtube channel we are working on.  We are not going “public” with it, because it is a work in progress, but we want to give it to you, and all of our long term friends, as a New Year’s present.
Just go to and subscribe.  Then you can watch as we improve the site over the next few months, and hopefully, in the meantime, you will benefit a bit from it before others know about it.
The basic idea is to share some of the tried and proven parenting and marriage relationship ideas we have worked on over the years–and to do so in brief little 5 minute “recipes” that parents and marriage partners can absorb quickly and “taste” and try out to see how well they work in their own situations and their own families.
The second gift we want to give you, somewhat belatedly, in 2015 is a completely new version of Joy School….updated, improved, modernized, and designed for today’s busy moms.  We are calling it Joy School 2.0 and it will be ready to go in pieces, some as early as this spring.

So, with that, best wishes for a wonderful 2015.

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