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Happy Thanksgiving to all VP Families!

For four decades now, we have been sending out a Thanksgiving Poem to our friends and family to welcome the Holiday Season. We hope you enjoy this year’s edition, and we express our gratitude and thanks-giving to you and for you as fellow parents! Throwing... read more

Add Moms to your Joy School Group

As we move deeper into the fall, Joy School groups all over the world are adding new moms and setting up their teaching rotation for the school year. Many groups feel that the ideal number of moms in a group is between 4 and 6. With this many moms participating, the... read more

FREE Mom’s Conference–Sign up Now

Our brilliant daughter Saren has organized what may be the most extensive on-line Mom’s conference in history! And it is FREE! Go to to register now! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to hear from 20... read more

Physical, mental, and financial self-discipline. Moderation in speaking, in eating, in exercising. The controlling and bridling of one’s own appetites. Understanding the limits of body and mind. Avoiding the dangers of extreme, unbalanced viewpoints. The ability to balance self-discipline with spontaneity.

Our program for teaching monthly values is Alexander’s Amazing Adventures.

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