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Thanks For Your Help to Third World Families

Just a word of thanks, and a reminder that 7.5% of all dues and memberships paid to ValuesParenting go as a direct gift from you to the Eyrealm Foundation, a public charity that helps with the needs of families in the third world. For decades now, every time you or...

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Three Offers Extended through January

Happy New Year! We have worked with our publisher and sponsors to extend three special offers for baby boomers through the month of January. If you received this email and are not (yet) in your 50s or 60s, please forward this to your parents or others who you feel...

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Individual and personal caring that goes both beneath and beyond loyalty and respect. Love for friends, neighbors, even adversaries. And a prioritized, lifelong commitment of love for family.

Our program for teaching monthly values is Alexander’s Amazing Adventures.