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Keep Your Eyes on this Homepage!

One thing we love about Valuesparenting is how global it has become! We have been in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Bali this past month and every audience we speak to seems to have several Joy Schoolers and Valuesparenting members. It is so fun to have them come up... read more

Two Big New Things in December

Our way of wishing you all a Merry Christmas this month is to have the Second Semester of Joy School and the brand new Teaching Your Children Values programs ready for you to download! More details coming here in the blog section, but the Second Semester will be... read more

Respect for life, for property, for parents, for elders, for nature, and for the beliefs and rights of others. Courtesy, politeness, and manners. Self-respect and the avoidance of self-criticism

Our program for teaching monthly values is Alexander’s Amazing Adventures.

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