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Why “JQ” is More Important Than IQ

Two or three decades ago, when Joy School started, most parents seemed to think that getting their preschoolers an academic head start was the most important thing. IQ and learning to read early and being ahead when they started Kindergarten seemed to be what every... read more

The Value of a ValuesParenting Membership is a membership organization. Participants in Joy School and each of the other VP parenting programs must be members of ValuesParenting. Members pay a lifetime membership of $50 which gives them access to each of the parenting helps listed below... read more

Calmness. Peacefulness. Serenity. The tendency to try to accommodate rather than argue. The understanding that differences are seldom resolved through conflict and that meanness in others is an indication of their problem or insecurity and thus of their need for your understanding. The ability to understand how others feel rather than simply reaction to them. Control of temper.

Our program for teaching monthly values is Alexander’s Amazing Adventures.

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