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It is always so great to have the extra family time that the Holidays give us.

We want to call your attention to the “yellow box” on the home page where you can “Keep up with us” and click to the various TV, blog, and other media things we are doing.

As our “Christmas Gift” to members and our other friends and followers, we’ve started a couple of new things that we think will be helpful to parents in their parenting.  Both are “quick studies” where you can get a good family “recipe” or idea without spending a lot of time on it.  Just go to the yellow “keep up with the Eyres” box on the home page and click on the new “parenting podcast” link. It will take you to our new youtube channel where you will get little 5 minute video podcasts on things like talking to your kids about sex and establishing family traditions.

Then click on the “family share” articles link which will take you to short, proven marriage and parenting ideas that you can try quickly, just like a new recipe. Many of them will be seasonal, like the one on how to separate Santa from Jesus so that kids will not stop believing in one when they stop believing in the other.

We have not publicized the youtube channel or the familyshare articles very much yet, because we want you, our members and friends, to try them out first.  Please send along your feedback and comments on them both.

And most importantly, have a great holiday and Christmas season with your family!

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