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Well, we hope you had a happy Halloween, but to be honest, it is not our favorite holiday (see our latest article and there is also a good Joy School article there by the way)–our favorite is Thanksgiving.  You may already know how partial we are to Thanksgiving because of the annual Thanksgiving card we always send out.  It is (or can be) the most wonderful family holiday of gathering and of love-sharing!

In fact, we love Thanksgiving so much that we now have a brand new book out called The Thankful Heart
.  It will be of special interest to you because it kind of charts our own family’s journey into the joys of thanks-giving–a journey that has lasted 40 years!  We also love that the photos in the book (there are lots of them) were taken by our daughters Saydi, Shawni, and Eva and by our sons Eli and Josh!

Let us also update you on a couple of other things:  Joy School 2.0 (fully updated and modernized) is well on its way toward being totally re-written and re-organized for next year.  It will retain all of its wonder and the original Joy that has always attracted parents and kids.  But it will be written for this decade and for today’s kids and parents.  You are gonna love it!  When you think about it, Joy School was ahead of its time–it has always provided a less expensive and more effective way for moms to teach and for preschoolers to have a great and joyful experience.  But it is now better than ever because everything can be obtained and shared on line!

The other thing we want to share this month is the growing synergy between what we do at and what our daughters are doing for parents on their blogs and websites.  Honestly, sometimes it takes our breath away to see how perfectly their ideas and approaches fit today’s world and today’s families!
If you haven’t discovered them, take a quick look at,,,, and

Thanks for being great parents, and thanks for staying in touch with us and with

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