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      Our hope is that this will be a great gathering place for current and prospective Joy School moms. If you already have an account at ValuesParenting, be sure you are logged in to join the discussion. If you don’t have an account, create a free one.


        This is such a neat idea to have a forum! I love it:)


          Love this idea! Hopefully we can share great ideas and camaraderie!! Joy School is the best!!


            I love this idea of starting a forum! My mom taught me Joy School and I am excited to teach my children!


              We love Joy School! Both my husband and I did it as children in Texas in the 80s! We are now doing it with our boys! Starting our fourth year in a row this fall!
              Whoot from The Ohio!!


                I have been looking for a way to find other mothers interested in forming a joy school group in my area. This is such a fantastic idea and I really hope it helps me to find moms who want to get together to enrich the lives of our children. :)


                  I was a joyschool kid and I’m excited to get started with my own!
                  I love that this forum is not on Facebook, thank you for that!

                  Stephanie GreenStephanie Green

                    THANK YOU! I have been wanting this for years!

                    Amber BurtonAmber Burton

                      I’m so excited to learn about and use all the modern improvements and efficiencies (like forums) that have formed since I was in Joy School 24 years ago! ;)

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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