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Boise, Idaho area

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    Susie EgbertSusie Egbert

      Looking for a few more to join our Joy School group in Southeast Boise. I’ve done it with all my daughters and am down to the last child! Just need a few more kiddos!


      Susie Egbert


        Looking for moms who want to join a Joy School group in Meridian, Idaho.


          Did a group start up in Meridian or Treasure Valley area? I just heard about this and would love to get my 3 year old son involved.


            already.heard & hachublessyou7 I am also in Boise (northwest end, near Meridian and Eagle) and would love to start doing Joy School! I’m especially interested in finding enough of us to start a group for next fall (2020). If you want to start sooner though I’d love to chat. I don’t check this often so please email me at mariah[dot]waite[at]yahoo[dot]com if interested : )

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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