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Do you have any tips as how start a group?

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      Hi, I read about Joy School on the Eyre’s blog and I will love to be able to do it with my daughter.
      But I am finding difficulties at finding other moms to do it with.
      Any other mother out there that started a group herself have any tips that could help me?


        Hello Stephanie!

        I agree – it would be great to hear some tips from other parents on how they got their group started. I am in Maryland and am planning to ask fellow moms in my MOPS group as well as other moms we regularly plan play dates with.


          I joined a facebook page in the city I lived called Rexburg Moms. I think other places might do that too? Another Mom had reached out to other moms asking if they wanted to do a Joy School. She actually had about 10 moms respond to the facebook post so we had to split the classes. We sadly didn’t purchase the Joy school program it was more of a made up curriculum. I am hoping to find moms that would like to do the Joy School Program. Maybe try finding a facebook page in your area and then posting about it?


            Asking Mom’s you already know and associate with was a great idea, mhiser. I am trying to start a group but want to make sure that the kids/moms involved work well together. If you already have a friendship that is a great place to start.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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