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Sarah ArnesenSarah Arnesen

    I did this with my children when they were this age. I simplified the curriculum when I needed to. Sometimes I did this one-on-one with my daughter (she is older) while my son napped, and sometimes I did it with both of them. Sometimes my son would wander off and play, but my daughter didn’t usually get too distracted because it meant one-on-one time with Mom. My children loved doing the songs, stories, crafts, etc. The first few weeks I tried to do everything, but it got to be too much since I was the only teacher, and the class became too long for my kids. We figured out a better rhythm after a few weeks and learned to simplify to fit our family. I enjoyed the flexibility of being able to start something, take a break for a few hours if needed, and go back to it later.

    For anyone who may be considering doing Joy School on your own–don’t let your own worries keep you from doing it! You can do this! Being able to do it solo was a blessing for our family. The first couple of weeks may be hard at times, but that is true for so many worthwhile things that are new in our lives! You can do this!!

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