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You know, all professions have professional conferences, seminars, and workshops where people seek to learn more and become better at their careers.

Well what about the greatest profession and the most noble career of all–that of being a Mom?

Where are the on-line conferences and experts and speakers and how-tos for Moms?

For way too long, there hasn’t been much of an answer to this question.

But now there is!

And we are so pleased and proud that our daughter Saren is the co-founder of The Moms Conference; and excited that the third annual Moms Conference is happening October 11-13; and thrilled that it is free–all you have to do is sign up on line and you will have access to the entire conference, to dozens of select speakers and presenters (including us by the way).

Lets face it, motherhood can be a lonely world sometimes–wonderful but lonely. It can seem like we are all alone and that no one else has the worries and issues and concerns that we do. But when you go to the Moms Conference there is commonality, there is commiseration, there are ideas by the boatload, and there is LOTS of encouragement!

Learn more and sign up here.

You will be glad you did!

Love from our house to yours, Linda and Richard

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