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You know, we just don’t thank you often enough as ValuesParenting members and followers, for your support and for your diligence in prioritizing family and being what we think of as a real movement for strong families, joyful kids, and balanced lifestyles. So thanks!

One way of showing our appreciation is to extend some personal invitations to you. Here are four:

  1. We invite you to subscribe to our 2 Instagram pages (eyrealm_valuesparenting and lindaeyre), to our YouTube channel, and to Linda’s blog. You can also keep up with our latest articles and media with the drop down menu under our names at the top of the ValuesParenting home page.
  2. We invite you to read for free as much as you want from more than half of our books at
  3. We invite you to do Joy School this year or to pass this invitation to do Joy School on to others you know—particularly friends or relatives—who have preschoolers and are looking for a low cost way to get them ready socially and emotionally for kindergarten. Also, we invite you to get some help in teaching fundamental values your elementary age kids from Alexander’s Amazing Adventures.
  4. And finally, we invite you to stay in touch and to send us questions or comments any time by commenting on these blog posts.

Thanks for doing the most meaningful thing in the world as we all do our part to save our society one family at a time!

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