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Did you know that Joy School now costs families less than it did 10 years ago—even less than it cost 20 years ago?

How does this happen? How can this popular preschool curriculum—this do-it-yourself-preschool and mothers’ group actually go down in price while everything else is going up? And how can the cost go down even as the curriculum and the materials have just been updated and improved to Joy School 2.0?

The answer is simple: Joy School operates like a co-op with each member family just paying their share, and with the technology of instant downloads of materials and music Joy School costs less to produce than it did back in the days when everything was printed, recorded, and mailed out.

It used to be that a Valuesparenting/Joy School membership cost $50 and a year’s worth of dues allowing access to all materials were well over $100. Now, with Joy School 2.0, the combined cost of membership and all materials is only $150 per family for the entire school year, less than 10% of the average cost of a commercial pre school.

August is the best time to form a Joy School group with the other moms who will rotate as teachers. The earlier you get signed up, the more time you will have to get ready for the Joy School year to begin! Just go to to get signed up.

Thanks for being part of one of the largest and most successful preschool programs in the world! (and certainly the most reasonable).

Richard and Linda

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