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We had a brief sale on the Alexander’s Amazing Adventures Program for Teaching Children Values over Christmas, but many were too busy with the holidays to take advantage of it, so we are repeating the sale from now until March 15.

Valuesparenting members can get the entire 12 episode series for $60 rather than the regular price of $72. Why not use this little incentive to motivate you to begin the wonderful, year-long process of teaching twelve fundamental, lifetime values to your elementary age children?

Many of you know the story of how our #1 New York Times Bestseller Teaching Your Children Values was transformed into an audio series called Alexander’s Amazing Adventures that actually allows elementary age children to vicariously experience the feelings associated with values like Honesty, Respect, Self- Reliance, and Unselfishness.

In addition to the dramatic and exciting monthly audio “episode” of Alexander’s adventure on that month’s value for their children, parents receive three lists of proven methods for teach the value to pre-schoolers, elementary age kids, and adolescents. And while your kids are listening to the Adventure each month we will also have a chance to share a 30-minute audio message with you—parent to parent—on each month’s value.

We feel that there is no greater legacy to give to your children than these 12 wonderful and universal values! And with the Alexander’s Adventures, most of the teaching will be done for you because your kids will listen to them again and again.

Just click the sale banner at the top of the homepage and get started!
With love from our house to yours, Linda and Richard Eyre

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