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One thing we love about ValuesParenting is how global it has become! We have been in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Bali this past month and every audience we speak to seems to have several Joy Schoolers and ValuesParenting members. It is so fun to have them come up and tell us about their families and how much they love Alexander’s Amazing Adventures and Joy School and the other ValuesParenting programs. As VP members, we hope you know that you have fellow members all around the world and that despite all the economic, political, religious, and societal differences, when it comes to families and to how much we love our children, parents throughout the world are basically the same!

We want you to keep your eye on this homepage, because we are going to try to do a better job of posting about our experiences and about new marriage and parenting ideas from wherever we are in the world. And tune into Linda’s blog for more detailed accounts.

Click our names on the top menu bar of this home page and it will take you to our weekly column, our weekly radio show, and to the speaking site which shows where we are speaking and presenting. It will also take you to, which is a visual “index” of what each of our kids (we call the family Eyrealm) is doing to strengthen families. That site will also show you our latest books and what we are working on now.

Remember that as a ValuesParenting member, you are not only a deliberate parent who uses VP programs to help your children, you are also part of a movement–a powerful world wide organization that seeks to fortify families by celebrating commitment, popularizing parenting, bolstering balance, and validating values!

Just last night we were the speakers at the Australian Family Association and it is just so wonderful to see how many other parents share the same beliefs and goals as we do and how hare they are working to let others know that the family-centric lifestyle is not only the most efficient and workable way to live, but also the most joyful!

Stay tuned!
We love you,
Linda and Richard

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