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For four decades now, we have been sending out a Thanksgiving Poem to our friends and family to welcome the Holiday Season. We hope you enjoy this year’s edition, and we express our gratitude and thanks-giving to you and for you as fellow parents!

Throwing Thanksgiving

Gratitude is a blanket
Thrown across life,
Of life,
Bright joy and somber pain both warmed.

But be sure it doesn’t cover your head—
See out,
Recognize the real world in all if its
Exquisite beauty and dulling pain.

It is you who throws the blanket,
But He who gradually transforms it
Into a comforter, The Comforter.

Thanks-giving is a light
Switch thrown on to
Reveal truth and dissipate shadow.

But watch that it doesn’t shine in your eyes, blinding—
See out,
Understand that privilege is stewardship, and
Contributing is broadening.

It is you who throws the switch,
But He who powers the filament and turns the glow
Into inspiration, so light becomes Light.

For our children now, grown and gone,
Outside the reach of our protection and guidance,
We ask for one overarching, undergirding blessing:
The Holy Spirit—
The warmth and the light,
The comfort and the inspiration.

We ask them to throw the blanket and throw the switch
That bathes them in the warmth and light of Thanksgiving,
And we ask Him in our absence
To grant the gift that gratitude gathers:
The Holy Ghost,
To shield and save, to illume and ignite.

And of you and for you, friends and family and fellow VP parents,
along with our thanks,
We ask the same.

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