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First of all, congratulations to all of you who have now signed up and paid dues for ValuesParenting and Joy School. It has been the biggest growth year ever, and there are so many more good things in store!

We know many of you are now busy recruiting the rest of the members for your Joy School group, and we know you are doing this carefully because these moms will be the other Joy School teachers for your child!

Be sure you get your new group members signed up soon so they can have the full benefit of Valuesparenting membership. As this school year progresses, you will notice ongoing improvements and additions to the site and to the benefits and parenting helps and programs available to members.

Please avoid the use of Joy School or other ValuesParenting materials or programs by anyone who is not a dues paying member. As you know, we operate like a coop, and it is vital that everyone pay their share.

We encourage you to visit regularly so you will be aware of the latest updates and programs. One thing to look forward to later this school year is the faster, better version of Alexander’s Amazing Adventures, the remarkable sequel to Joy school and the best way we have ever found to help elementary age kids internalize values like honesty, respect, self-reliance, and “peaceability”. The new version will be easy to use on all devices and simple to play to kids in the car or any time you need it. As we write this, we are in Switzerland with our son and his wife and our delightful almost-4-year-old grandaughter who has been listening to Alexander’s Amazing Adventures non stop for the last three hours in the car as we drove beneath the majestic Alps.

We love you as fellow parents and are so honored to work with you in helping all our families to be happier and all our children to be more joy-oriented and more values-centric!

Best, Linda and Richard Eyre

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