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Ruth Eyre

We are so pleased to announce a one time, two-week sale on Joy school!

August and early September are traditionally the time when moms sign up for Joy School and form their Joy School groups.

August also happens to be the month of the birthday of Ruth Eyre, grandmother of the Eyre family and patron saint and writer of the original Joy School curriculum.

Ruth passed in 2013 and her great legacy is kept alive by Joy School and by the recent total revision and update of her wonderful lesson plans.

We put that all together and came up with what we think is a wonderful idea: A two week sale for new members, the first in Joy School history, that starts just before Ruth’s birthday (August 9 – she would be 93) and allows something that Ruth would like – for more families to have Joy School for a little less money.

So here’s how it works: From August 7 to August 21 you can go to the Joy School sign-up page, select the “New to Joy School” option and enter the coupon code RUTHEYRE at checkout to get $20 off of your lifetime dues and membership for Joy School 2.0. This will make the full cost $130 instead of the already low $150.

You may want to try to form your joy school group during this sale so that all moms will benefit from this special sale. Of course you will still be able to add other moms to your group after August 21 at the regular price which is lower than it has ever been, but this is just a nice little additional price break for those who are all ready to go now.

And it gives us a chance to celebrate the wonderful, child-centered life of Ruth who not only took our book _Teaching Your Children Joy_ and turned it into a full blown preschool curriculum but who opened the original Joy School in Logan, Utah and taught thousands of preschoolers over more than 20 years, all the while perfecting and improving the lesson plans. Thank you Ruth! You are a noble lady indeed, and your work and your legacy lives on!

Ruth Eyre

This sale also gives us the opportunity to honor Wendy Murdock and Andrea Burgon who did so much work on the original music and art for Joy School, and Corry DeMille and Lia Davis who were the administrators for Joy School for more than two decades. And another big shout-out to our daughters Saren Eyre Loosli and Aja F. Eyre who did the major re-write, modernization and update of Joy School 2.0 which we are all now able to enjoy!

Love to you all,
Linda and Richard Eyre

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