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The $150 total cost for the full year of the modernized Joy School 2.0, which includes lifetime membership in is the lowest price in history—even lower than the price 15 years ago for the old lesson plans and VP membership. As the last blog post mentioned, Joy School is growing at a record clip with people from all 50 states and dozens of foreign countries joining up and focusing on their preschoolers’ JQ (Joy Quotient). Those who have recently joined are now busily getting their friends and neighbors enrolled and forming their rotating Joy School teaching group. So its all good, and Joy School continues to spread throughout the world.

But there is a problem: Despite all the recent growth, Joy School still sometimes seems like the best-kept secret around! Most moms have never heard of it. Unless a mom happens to know someone who has done Joy School, chances are that she will never hear about it or have access to it.

The only one who can solve this problem is you! Because Joy School is an inexpensive, share-the-cost program, there is little if any money for advertising or marketing. The word spreads only by word of mouth. So what we are asking you to do, now, while moms are thinking about the school year ahead—is to use your email list and your facebook and instagram and twitter and other social media to get the word out! Whether you have preschoolers of your own or not, let other moms who do have 3- and 4-year-olds know about Joy School in time to benefit from the full year curriculum.

The buzz about the new Joy School 2.0 continues. You might like to look at Linda’s blog or at Shawni’s blog or take a look at the second and third videos on the right side of this page.

Thanks for sharing,
Linda and Richard Eyre

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