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One additional new twist in what we are trying to do with families is conducting parenting and marriage and family classes and discussions on CRUISES. We have discovered that a cruise is a fantastic place to get to know people and to have the unpressured time to really get into meaningful discussions about the important relationships in our lives. We concentrate on “Empty Nest Marriage and Parenting” and on Grandparenting as well as on life-balance in various stages of life.

When we give normal speeches, the evening ends and everyone goes home and that is it. But on a cruise, everything changes.  We do our presentations and then there are lunches and dinners and other opportunities on board to extend the discussion and delve more into personal issues.

We just finished two cruises these past two months to the Caribbean and had such delightful experiences and discussions with the fellow cruisers in our group…SO…we decided to do it a couple more times, one cruise to Italy and the Greek Islands in September and one to Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia next January.  For details take a look at Italy & Greece Cruise 9.10.15 and at Australia New Zealand Cruise 1.6.16.

We will be the marriage and family educators for these cruises and Michael Wilcox, who we love, will be the special educator who will give us the background on all the places we visit.

Why don’t you come along? Think about it!  And if you do end up signing up, mention “The Eyres” and they will give you a bit of a discount. And you will want to hurry—the Italy and Greek Island cruise is almost full.

And pass the word to others that may have an interest.

As we have mentioned to you before, we are also VERY excited about the new Joy School 2.0 that will be ready for next school year.  This great and venerable preschool program that has served two generations of kids was ready for a face-lift and a thorough “modernizing” and that is happening.  Let your kids and friends and anyone else know about “The New Joy School” and that it will be available to those who sign up for Joy School this summer.  We will also be starting a new website called www.Eyrealm.comwhich will feature some of the great work now being done for families by our kids (For example, our daughter’s blogs—check out www.71toes.comand; and websites—look at

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