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You gotta love this time of year! Kids back in school, family routine settling in, cooler days…’s all good!
We want to be your personal parenting consultants, and this month we have some specific and, we think rather urgent advice for you.
Parenting has never, ever been harder than it is today. Raising responsible kids in this crazy and complicated world is just plain tough! Our kids are part of so many cultures—the peer culture, the media culture, the materialism and celebrity culture, and the Internet culture; and all of them seem determined to work against the values we want to teach our children.
How do we make our family culture stronger than all these other cultures that swirl around our kids?
We think the best place to start is with an organized, pro-active program for teaching your kids the values you want them to have—values that are often opposite of the values (or anti-values) that they are picking up elsewhere. 
It is all fine and good, even wonderful, to have our preschoolers in Joy School, and to have the fun experience of helping them to be happy, well-adjusted little kids. But once Joy School is over and kids head off to “real school” we parents need to toughen up and to get very, very serious about systematically teaching them true values to live by.
SO HERE IS OUR ADVICE TO YOU: “Graduate” your kids directly from Joy School to Alexander’s Amazing Adventures, ValuesParentings wonderful and creative program for teaching one value per month!
As you know, kids between 5 and 12 love the Alexander series, and will listen to each monthly episode (each value) over and over again. And as you also know, Alexander is NOT a video or screen-based game. OUR KIDS GET TOO MUCH VIDEO—TOO MUCH SCREEN TIME, and the Alexander series is the opposite, with brilliant audio and musical stories that use kids imagination and allow them to “see” things on the monitors of their own minds.
So if you have kids over five, get the first Alexander unit (HONESTY) and we promise you two things: 1. Your children will love it….in the car, at home, on their ipods, and 2. You will love the humor and entertainment of the stories yourself and it will open up lots of “values conversations” between you and your kids.
One more thing. If you don’t have our new book THE TURNING, order it right HERE.  It will motivate you not only to be a more pro-active parent yourself, but also to join a movement for stronger parenting at

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