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We’ve shared so much together over the years–on parenting and families–and we appreciate all the support you have given us. You know about our new book THE TURNING and we really need your help in getting more people to go to the new website and know about the book and the movement it represents.

Would you just take five minutes and have a look at It’s updated and improved now, and it illustrates that the new book is just the tip of the iceberg and that the iceberg is a movement toward strengthening families across the globe.

On you can see graphic representations of some of the most frightening statistics about family deterioration; you can see the first 40 pages of the book; you can do one-touch send-outs of facebook and twitter messages; you can click to directly order the book at a discount on Amazon, and most importantly, you can sign up for Team Turning which will keep you posted on this whole movement as it evolves.

We would appreciate it so much if you would do that, and if you would quickly forward this message on to as many friends and family members as you can. The month of August is the key to everything, because it is the launch of this movement and because if enough books are pre ordered, it will debut in September on the bestseller lists and thus reach many more parents

We know it sounds a little corny, but we really do believe that the one way this world will be saved is “one family at a time.” Please help us with “Turning the Hearts.”

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