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It seems amazing to all of us that we are now well into yet another school year! Where we live, snow has already fallen, and we are preparing for the holiday season!

Amazing how time flies.

But we love this time of year, as we progress into a new school year and as we get ready to wrap up 2013 and to dive into 2014. Our goal is to make even more useful to parents. Let us remind you of a few things–you loyal valuesparenting members:

1. Our weekly syndicated column in the Deseret News can be accessed with a simple click from the yellow box on the homepage. This column is one of our favorite ways to fight for the family and may be the quickest way for you to keep up with and give us feedback on our latest thoughts.

2. You can also listen to us live on BYU Radio each Monday at 6 MST, and the show is also rebroadcast all week. We call the show “Eyres on the Road” since we usually do it live from whatever location we are in–usually speaking or presenting to audiences of conscientious parents and grandparents.

3. Linda’s blog and several other current things can also be clicked to from that yellow box on the vp homepage.

This year, we are going to make more and more parenting helps free to everyone, vp member and nonmember alike. For example, the full dialogue for taking to kids about sex (the “big talk”) will be on the free part of the vp site. As you also know, most of our books are also now free on Our whole goal these days is “reach,” or getting whatever might help parents to as wide an audience as we can. You can help by sending friends and family to and to It will take all of us working together to win the great fight for families that is raging everywhere in this world!

Keep letting us hear from you! We love the comments that come in from the “contact us” button on this site! We read them all! No delegation on this!

Thanks for being the great parents you are and for doing your part in the larger world by chipping away and helping where you can to FORTIFY FAMILIES by celebrating commitment, popularizing parenting, bolstering balance, validating values, and glorifying grandparenting! (that last one is our new favorite!)

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