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Lucy is an artist! As her Grammie, I might be just a bit prejudice but just look at the detail in this drawing below from our five year old Seurat.  As you can see, she loves design and knows how to use the color wheel in her head to create masterpieces!

The problem here is a big one. Lucy has Bardet-Biedl Syndrome which is a rare syndrome that usually means that kids between 9 and 15 lose their sight.  Scientists are working on several encouraging clinical trials right now that may mean that we can save Lucy’s sight, but all that takes money. Lots of it!  Every year through The Foundation Fighting Blindness, each state sponsors a Vision Walk to raise money for research. The vision walk in Arizona is on March 31st but since most of you don’t live in AZ, it’s easy to be part of saving Lucy’s vision with a contribution online. Small contributions add up and we so appreciate those who are able to contribute larger ones!  It’s easy to contribute to the I Love Lucy team HERE. 

If you feel you can help Lucy continue her creations in years to come with those beautiful blue eyes, we thank you in advance! Or if you do happen to live in AZ and would like to take a short walk with the I Love Lucy Team on March 31st, see details here on Shawni’s blog. 


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