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We are about the luckiest grandparents in the world to have two new Grandbabies within 18 days of each other on opposite coasts of the USA AND to be able to visit both of them within days!  
Bennett Richard Eyre was born in San Diego on November 18th and popped into the world at 9 pounds 8 ounces with one arm above his head, aka Superman (and he probably will be saving the world someday)!  He is absolutely adorable and we had three fun filled days with that cute family!  McKay kept us laughing, Lyla kept us running and Cubby kept us delighted!  And what a joy it was to see little Bennett talk to the angels in his sleep…as all babies do, but these angels were really special. Lots of smiles and rapid eye moment! 
Kristi and Noah were magnificent troopers as always and we wondered how in the world they were going to survive with that little mob and all it entails. But they will….with flying colors! 
Sadly I left my computer home and the blog APP on my Ipad crashed so I’m now writing with a different program from Anita’s computer in NYC….our next stop! 
On December 15, which was their baby’s due date we had been praying that little girl would wait for us because she was due that day and we didn’t arrive until about 11 p.m. that night. The next morning when I got out of the shower (we were staying with a neighbor’s house who had left for the holidays), Dad/Rick came in from a run and was reading a text from his Iphone about 9:30 a.m. which said “Pushing”!  I about jumped out of my skin!  They had sent an email at 2:43 a.m. saying that they thought Anita was in labor and that they would be heading to the hospital in a couple of hours.  We hadn’t checked email yet so we were astounded and over the moon excited. She was born just after 10 o’clock. Talk about SWISS PRECISION!  It couldn’t have been better timing!  We grabbed a cab to the hospital and by the time we arrived this is what she looked like: 
She weighed in at 8 pounds 7 ounces which is huge for a first baby!  Anita had gone with a completely natural child birth at the birthing center and according to the doula, was incredibly amazing!  She’ll probably be sending the details so I’ll leave it at that. A very hard labor but SO good to see that darling little girl safely into the world!  We came just in time to see her making her first “footprint”! 

Tal and Anita survived that day and night at the hospital with flying colors and we had some precious time to talk.  Look at this Antia walking out of the hospital this morningl!  In Utah they wouldn’t let us out in anything less than a wheelchair!  

Dad/Rick had the fun idea to pick them up first class.  When in New York….. We all liked the car and our nice driver Max who, in accordance to Tal’s directions didn’t go over 10 miles per hour all the way home…and missed every bump and pothole that was humanly possible! 

We got Tal and Anita as comfortable as we could, although I’m sure it was  a LONG way home for Anita after only about 27 hours after giving birth!

We were the proud guardians of the sleeping baby! 


                 Home at last to their amazing new apartment. Couldn’t be a more perfect place to bring home a new baby! !  

Anita was pretty happy to hit the bed after all that commotion and to bring this little girl home! 

Welcome to the world little Annina Eyre!  You look pretty happy to be here! We couldn’t be more delighted to have you join your extraordinary parents New York City!  “Heaven lies about us in our infancy.” (William Wordsworth)

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