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Today, August 22nd is National Entitlement Awareness Day.  We are grateful for the POWER of amazing bloggers all across the country who are all blogging today about the great need to stem the tide of kids’ attitudes of entitlement in our families and introducing our new book called THE ENTITLEMENT TRAP How to Save Your Child with a New Family System of Choosing, Earning and Ownership. It will be published the first week of September but we want everyone to know that by pre-ordering at Amazon, B&N or BEFORE it is published the book it will be 33% off….about $12 instead of $18 when purchased after it is released.

A large majority of parents say entitlement issues like, “I want what I want right now because all my friends have it and I really need it” is the biggest problem facing our families today so this has become our cause. When our daughter Shawni asked the readers of her blog for examples of entitlement issues with their kids she got an absolute avalanche of stories that pretty much proved our theory that it is a huge problem gripping our families.

If we can get enough pre-orders we have a shot at opening on the NY Times best seller list on the day the book debuts which will help immensely to get this book in the hands of many more parents!  To speed sales we are having a Giant Give-Away starting today and going until September 1st. Everyone who orders is a winner. To get details for pre-ordering and the other give-away items click HERE which is more complete than the one you see at the top of the page.

All of you valuesparenitng blog friends who have blogs, facebook pages, twitter accounts or email lists who would be willing to share this message, we would be SO grateful! Anyone who posts and sends us the link and their mailing address will receive a free book. If you are reading this after August 22nd but before Sept.1st please spread the word.

This isn’t just a book about teaching kids how to handle money wisely but also to teach them to make good choices and decisions and to feel that they have “equity in their families.” Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who feel you can join the cause and pass the word. 

P.S. Please don’t view this as a “sell” but as a “cause”. I’m horrible at sales but not so bad at causes especially when it comes to families!



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