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Although you can continue to order The Entitlement Trap until the book is released on September 6th, tomorrow (Wednesday, August 31st) is the last day for pre-orders for the give-away prizes. We look forward to handing out the prizes!  In case you still want to pre-order which automatically puts you in the running for prizes take a look HERE.  Winners will be announced at Eyrealm  (as well as many others sites) on Thursday September 1st!  The pre-orders have been terrific and Penguin is pleased as punch. The big online stores aren’t giving us numbers so it will remain to be seen if the book will debut on the best seller list. We’re crossing our fingers but not holding our breath!

Thanks SO much to all of you who have supported the premise of this book and have pre-ordered!  This cause to stem the tide of kids’ feelings of entitlement is rolling forth! 

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