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Our daughter Saren has a wonderful website for moms at Sbe is offering a podcast series that I (Linda) did with our three Eyre mothers and we want to share them with you for Mother’s Day.  Until Sunday night  this is a free gift to you! To see how to get these free podcasts see the information below.  Sorry to be so late to post this. Many of you will be too busy celebrating Mother’s Day to be looking at the Internet so this is a last minute deal!  I been away from the Internet for a couple of days. Wow! You don’t realize how much you need the Internet until you’re away from it for a while!

Happy Mother’s Day to our ValuesParenting Family!


Below is the information posted at Power of Moms.

We just added a wonderful new series of 10 podcasts featuring NYTimes best setting author, Linda Eyre and her three daughters to our website.  This podcast series costs $10.  But we’d like to offer it as a free Mother’s Day gift over the Mother’s Day weekend.  

Click HERE to learn more about the podcasts and register for your free access to the whole series.  This free offer ends at the close of Mother’s Day this Sunday.  So if you want the podcasts, sign up now before you forget!

Feel free to share this gift! Simply forward this email to any moms you know who’d enjoy this fabulous podcast series and they can click through this email (using the link above) to set up their free access.   

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