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Wow it was such perfect timing to leave a raging blizzard in SLC and go to see the Pothiers in beautiful green AZ! The main reason for going was that Shawni was being named The Arizona Young Mother of the Year

Pothier Family Picture

It was truly a delightful event.  I lost my camera so I got a few snaps with my Iphone which has no flash but at least you can tell that we’re having a good time!



The kids, sans Lucy were there to help celebrate and were so excited!  Not only that… because we needed some medical advice for our India returnees….we discovered that our dear friends Dr.Cub and Bonnie were staying for six weeks in Surprise AZ so they drove on down to join the celebration.


Shawni did a fabulous job in her acceptance speech and I got to introduce her!  Of course I forgot to mention her 10,000 page-hits-per-day blog here and the new post on featuring Shawni here (although American Mothers, who gave her this honor is not a Mormon organization).

The next day we continued the fun at the amazing Arizona Children’s Museum with Claire and Lucy.








Just have to throw in that we got home Dad/Rick’s Valentine for me was still sitting on the bar. It was my favorite nut from my favorite nut.  What a guy I have. I must be the luckiest woman on earth!  Too bad there’s not a celebration for the “Husband of the Year.”


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