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Since a portion of the dues of our Valuesparenting family goes to aid for the third world through the Eyrealm Foundation, we thought you would be interested to see the good your money is doing in India!

Just a few years ago the children in the pictures below had absolutely no hope of ever receiving an education. In fact because they were “untouchables” due to the fact that their parents or grandparents had been stricken with leprosy, they were doomed to a life of begging on the streets.

Thanks to Becky Douglas who, with the help of generous donors created a school especially for these children in Southern India and an organization called Rising Star Outreach, there is a beautiful computer lab at the Rising Star School. Last week the computers in that lab were loaded with an amazing software program developed by a premiere Utah company called Imagine Learning that will teach the children to speak perfectly understandable English which will open the children’s lives to previously unimaginable possibilities.

Two of our sons who work for Imagine Learning and their wives were lucky enough to be the ones to travel to India to install this spectacular program on the computers at The School for Rising Stars. They also trained the Indian technicians and teachers so that the program will continue to be used effectively.

India #1

Kids at computers

The lives of our sons, Noah and Eli and their wives Kristi and Julie have been changed forever. What a joy it was for all of these family members to meet the children, teachers and administrators whom we had grown to love last summer!

Julie, Eli’s wife who is a nurse even got to help with a medical clinic in one of the colonies that some of the Rising Star children call home. I expect that never in her wildest dreams when she started nursing school did Julie imagine that she would have the rare opportunity to touch the lives of men, women and children in leprosy affected India.

julie in colony

The very best news is that parents in the villages surrounding the school have now put their children on waiting lists to attend this spectacular new school. No longer are these children “untouchable”!

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