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As all of you who have children know, every child is a unique individual. As we often say, “We have nine children….one of every kind.” Each came into that delivery room intact with a distinct personality and with different gifts and passions and needs. Figuring out who they really are and how to help them become what they were meant to be is part of the puzzle that makes parenting fun, not every day in every way, but certainly fun! At our house it was a BIG puzzle!


One thing I have known since our second daughter Shawni (who is the wild-haired spindly legged teenager on the left) could walk and talk was that what she wanted more than anything else in life was to be a Mother!  Not only did she dutifully treat her dolls like real people but she also was always there, holding her hands up high to be the first in line to hold the seven younger baby brothers and sisters as we brought them home from the hospital. She never tired of taking care of her little siblings and talking about what was going to happen when she was a Mother. 

Many years have past and we are so excited that she is fulfilling her life goal, though it was harder than she thought it would be.  We sort of knew when she was walking with us on the day above that she would become what you will see in the following short two minute video but we didn’t know the details. 

We don’t usually talk about our religion on Valuesparenting but our church has created a new website that we think is quite spectacular because of its emphasis on the family. Shawni, who has five beautiful children and a terrific husband who helps her juggle it all has just been posted on this site. We thought you might like to see it.  She also is “mother” to a wonderful blog for moms at If you’re a mom and need a little “pick me up”, a new idea to make your job a little easier or a “please tell me you’re not perfect” moment take a look at her thoughts for the day!

To see the fulfillment of her dreams in real life go to:


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