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We want to send special Christmas wishes to all you Joy Schoolers out there.  Most of you have just completed your Joy School Nativity play and have given a lot of joy to all who saw it. There is nothing like seeing the Nativity Scene acted out by children…some with sparkling eyes, some sucking their thumbs and scratching their noses during their parts, but all feeling the joy of the real meaning of Christmas in the process.

We congratulate all of you on completing your Joy School semester, whether it be the first or one of many!  We often say, “Only the best moms do Joy School because it requires so much extra time and effort!”  BUT we think you’ll agree that when your turn is over, it was the best thing you’ve done all week!

Here are a few pictures that many of you will find familiar:




Don’t you LOVE it?  Merry Christmas to all you great moms out there who make Joy School happen!  We love you!

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