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We appreciate so much your membership in valuesparenting. We often wish it were possible to hire a stadium somewhere and convene a meeting of all the valuesparenting members in the world. What a gathering it would be! It would be the brightest, happiest, best-looking, family-focused people on the planet!

Since we can’t do that, we at least love sending you a member message every month or so!

You will be interested to know that valuesparenting is having its biggest year yet–in terms of new members, hits on the website, and just general interest everywhere! Who says today’s parents are not conscientious? Those who are vp members certainly are!

You will also be interested to know that Eyrealm, the non-profit charity sponsored largely by (and by a percentage of your membership fees and dues) continues to do good in the third world. We focus on family related causes and have recently been involved in projects in Bolivia, Ethiopia, and Mexico. And most extensively, we have been helping a charity called Rising Star that has built schools for leprosy affected children in southern India. We have visited the school, and two of our children have worked there, and it is amazing.
Leprosy-affected people are “untouchables” in the Indian caste system, and they cannot attend government schools or even live in the mainstream. They are assigned to “colonies” that are not unlike Indian reservations. The school Rising Star built for them is so good that now the kids from the higher castes are begging to go to the “Leper school.” Something unheard of in India.

Take pride that a portion of your dues is going to fund projects like this!

The final thing we want to tell you in this letter is how excited we are about our two new books that are coming out next year. The first will be in stores in March and is called 5 Spiritual Solutions to Everyday Parenting Problems. The second will come in the fall and is called The Entitlement Trap, How to Rescue Your Child with a new family system of Choosing, Earning, and Owning.

If you want us to hold and reserve an early copy of either or both of these books, drop us a line at and we will put your name on the list.

Have a great school year, a wonderful holiday season, and keep on being the best parents in the world!

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