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How are you? We hope your Summer is going well.

One of our greatest joys these days as we travel hither and yon speaking to parents, is to have a few come up after every speech, wherever we are, and say “I do Joy School” or (more and more often) “I was in Joy School when I was little and now I’m doing it with my own kids.”

What a program Joy School is!

The only discouraging thing is when someone comes up and says “What ever happened to Joy School? Is it still around?”

Is it ever!

As most of you know, Joy School is better than ever now that it is all on line. Moms just download their lessons, and either get a music CD mailed to them or download that too. There are Joy School groups all over the world!

In fact, we thought you would like to read a few of the testimonials and wonderful thoughts about Joy School that have come our way just in the last few weeks:

One of my former Joy School students recently informed his parents, “If I run out of Joy, I am going to have to go back to Joy School!”
I am grateful for a program that teaches children what it is to have Joy!
Thank you,
Angela Haddock

Last night I sat watching a slide show/video from this past year of Joy School and could only think of the wonderful things my children have learned this year, not just from me, but from other Moms that I look up to. I love that my four year old has been singing “We are a Happy Family” and I didn’t teach it to him. That is not a value he will learn in public school. I love that my five year old knows about responsibility, is willing to work and also understands consequences of our choices. Also things not specifically outlined for his public school next year. PLUS it won’t cost me more to teach them these lessons. I love how affordable your program is Thank you for helping me make our home a ‘Joy’ful place and letting me see how fun it is to teach my own children, thank you for helping me open that door!
Kati Marana, AZ

I am from Chicago. My experience with joyschool was with my siblings growing up since I have yet to teach it with my little boys. But I can remember it always being a happy place to go and I learned a lot of valuable life lessons with my older sister. I think Joy School taught me to love being me and to have a confidence and love for life that was essential for starting kindergarten without Mom around all day. Thank you!

I have to say that I love Joy School!! It has been the greatest experience for me, my preschooler and my family. I learned about Joy School last August and after researching it on your website I knew that it was exactly what I was looking for! I quickly put together a group with two other moms and three other children. By the end of the year our group grew to six kids! I expected Joy School to be a neat experience but what I didn’t expect was how much my whole family would benefit from it. I learned so much about how to teach my family and to really enjoy life and family. At any age, I think everyone benefits from being reminded of all there is to be joyful about in life! Thank you for this wonderful program and for all that you do to help families!!
Sara Turman
South Jordan, UT

I love the Joy School parent planning meetings where we discuss educational concerns for our children now and for the future, and where it turns into gab time where we laugh (and cry) together. I truly value the learning of joys over the academics at this age and love having this support system in place where it is easy for me to teach and it’s fun!
Maegan Hanks

Watch for an e-mail from us soon announcing a way that you can participate in the “spreading” of Joy School. Whether you or any of your family is currently doing Joy School or not, there is now a way that you can share the idea of Joy School with others and get a 20% commission on it for your trouble. (Not that you need it–most of us want to share Joy School with young families just for the “Joy” of it….but we know it takes some time, and we would love to have you REALLY share it by sending e-mails to everyone you know with small children. So we will announce a new, simple way that you can simply recommend it to anyone, and if and when they sign up, (we will track them by your number) you will receive 20% of what they pay to get started.

In the meantime, personal greetings to you, and stay happy and healthy,

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