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Thanks to all you who took the time to write your feelings about Joy School. We love having these kind endorsements available for our fall promotions and to encourage moms to sign up now to avoid the panic in the fall.

It has been so fun to read your comments which we have shared with Richard’s 88 year-old mother who crafted the original lesson plans 34 years ago and is still reaping the rewards of her efforts.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We received so many great comments that the list of winners is longer than we expected. If your comment isn’t listed it is only because it was very similar to someone else’s thoughts. You will receive your vintage copy of Teaching Children Joy by posting your name and address in the comments under this blog post by June 15th.

The winners are listed below:

Angela Haddock

Marana, AZ

Chicago, IL


Sara Turman
South Jordan, UT

Maegan Hanks

Elaine Satterfield

Renee Rhinehart, Gavin’s mom

Amy K

Albuquerque NM

Nellie Jane
Yigo, Guam, USA

Corona, CA

Lindsay Clark (We have your address)
Goose Creek, South Carolina

The Vance Clan (We have your address)
Reno, NV

Cedar City, UT


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