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Now is the time to think about next school year and which parenting programs you may wish to do. If you are a Joy School parent but have never tried Alexander’s Amazing Adventures, this is the perfect time to sign up. If you have Alexander, but have never done Joy School, think about forming a Joy School group for next year.

Lets talk a little more about Joy School. Everywhere we go to speak (and we mean all over the world) we have people come up to us and say “I was in Joy School!” What’s interesting is that sometimes they mean they were in a joy school back when they were preschoolers and their mom had set up a joy school group…..and other times they mean that they are a joy school mom and are teaching their own children the 12 Joys.

Joy School is truly in its second generation now. Many moms who were joy school kids when they were preschoolers are now joy school teaching moms! Frequently they tell us how much greater and easier Joy school is now, since everything they need to teach can be downloaded.

Here’s something to ponder: Since Joy School does no advertising or promotion (it would be too expensive and cause the very small monthly dues that parents pay to go up) the only way anyone finds about about Joy School is by word of mouth. If no one tells them about it, they never know about it and are never able to experience the benefits of having their children go to Joy School.

So we are asking you, this spring when parents are thinking about next school year, to drop a quick e mail to any friend or family member who you think might be interested either in putting their child in a commercial Joy School or in starting a neighborhood co-op Joy School with their friends. All you have to do is send them a link to or to

The other thing is: Maybe you know a mom or two who would like to make some extra money without leaving their kids to go out and work. One great option for moms in this category is to start a commercial preschool in their own home. Hundreds have done it successfully, and maybe someone you know and could tell about it (or maybe you) could be the next success story. Again, just go to to find out what is required and how to do it.

We will be in touch, and in the meantime, God bless you for all you do for your lucky kids!
Richard and Linda

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