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Linda Eyre

There is job training for everything except Motherhood!  Our oldest daughter Saren Eyre Loosli and her inspiring friend April Perry who are the power behind their website have organized a spectacular Mother’s Retreat at the Red Mountain Spa in St. George, Utah on June 11-12!  Our second daughter Shawni Eyre Pothier ( will also be presenting and I will be delighted to be there as well. 

Among other things you’ll learn about Three Steps to having a Strong Family as well as get inspiration on how to get organized, and how to strengthen the woman within the Mother!  What a great gift this would be for Mother’s Day! (Your husband has got to be looking for a spectacular gift that you’ll never forget)!  There is a special early bird rate for those who sign up before May 1st. For more information and a look at this fabulous facility, click here.

And since we’re talking Mother’s Day gifts remember that another great gift would be  A Mother’s Book of Secrets that Shawni and I produced last year. You can get the book for 20% off online here. All royalties go to the I Love Lucy Project.  As you may know, Lucy is Shawni’s three year old who has been diagnosed with a rare syndrome which almost inevitably produces blindness between ages 9 and 15.  With funding for research we are hopeful that the medical world will be able to intervene.  It’s at great way to lift yourself, you sister, your daughter, your friend or your neighbor and help Lucy as well! 

We hope to see you at this once-in-a-lifetime retreat to help soothe your mind and sharpen your saw!

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