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We have just completed a round the world speaking tour that, ironically, took us to some of the richest and some of the poorest spots on earth. We had events in places like Monaco, in Europe and in Kuwait and Saudi and other places in the Middle East where the where the wealth is almost unbelievable. And then we were in India for two weeks where there are pockets of extreme wealth among vast seas of unbelievable poverty.

The amazing thing, (the really cool thing actually) is that parents in all these places (and in all economic strata and all religions and all cultures) have so very much in common. When it comes to talking about the dreams, hopes, and also the worries that parents have, we are all essentially the same. Our parental-mindset similarities trump our demographic differences, and we talk as trusted friends.

One of the things we came back with was a stronger-than-ever perception that parents everywhere need the concepts and programs of Joy School and of valuesparenting. We really need your help in getting the word out to more people. In this great day of internet, all a lot of parents need is a web adress, and once they know, they can do the rest. Spread the word! We have often thought that if every valuesparenting member sent a quick note to everyone on their email list, with a link to the site, we would have millions of new hits!

Along with the Alexander Values Series, Joy School is, of course, the real flagship. We were thinking of how universally applicable it is as we taught Joy School to kids in a school for Leprosy affected kids in southern India. The bottom line is, ALL kids benefit so much from it.

And while we are on Joy School, let us share something we have been thinking a lot about lately:

While a do-it-yourself joy school mother’s group is ideal for most of you VP members, there are more and more moms in the world who simply can’t take a teaching turn and be part of a joy school group. They want the same things (the same joys) for their kids, but don’t have the time to teach it. In short, they are looking for a commercial Joy School. And here is the complementing phenomenon: In this tough economic time, more and more moms who are staying home with their kids wish for some kind of income opportunity that they can do from home. We want to extend the opportunity to all of you VP member who may be looking for a little supplemental income to think about starting a commercial Joy School.

Our oldest daughter, Saren, has put together a detailed manual of start-up materials to help moms and grandmas (and even dads if they like) start up excellent Joy School-based preschools. Thanks to Saren’s program, there are now many very successful Joy School-based preschools out there.

If you love the Joy School curriculum and would like to make some extra money plus make a real difference in your community by running your own little preschool (out of your home or as a stand-alone preschool), this is the way to do it. Saren has just finished a great new website that spells out all the details involved in starting your own for-profit Joy School. Click here to go to the website: The Joy School Company

If you know someone who you think would make an excellent Joy School teacher, please forward this idea along to them.

We’re so glad that Saren’s Joy School Company is making the Joy School curriculum more accessible to more parents and families!

And as far as your own family goes, now is the perfect time of year to take a look at all of the valuesparenting programs and decide which you will participate in next year. As you know, we recommend the Alexander Values program for kids who have just finished Joy School.

Love and blessings…..from parent to parent…..may we all keep struggling mightily together!

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