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Here is a fun story from one of our Joy School Moms! Send in your Joy School stories or any story of “value” and we will often include them on our Valuesparenting blog! Just click on the ” contact us” button and share your story! Pictures would also be joyfully accepted!

I started doing Joy school this fall with my two kids, Blake 4 and Alli now 3. I also have an 18 month old. I loved that Tyler (the 18 month old) had about 2 words, Da Da, Mama. But then his 3rd or 4th word was "I've got Joy!".  I laughed and laughed, it was the cutest thing. He could only say Mama and Dada, and "I got joy" Soon it was "Oh boy, I got joy". It's quite the mouthful for a little one his age. But it's his favorite thing to say.  :)   We are sure loving Joy School!
Amy K. Palmer

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