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It’s hard to believe that the first semester of Joy School is almost over and it will soon be time to start a new semester. If you have friends or family member who would like to join you this semester please encourage them. The following is a blog post by our daughter Shawni who has done Joy School for many years with her children. She included Joy School at the top of things that she is thankful for during the Thanksgiving season, especially since she isn’t teaching for the first time in many years. We hope this brings back memories for you as well or if you’re thinking about starting a Joy School this semester it might get you started. To check out Shawni’s blog which is guaranteed to make you feel better about being a mom, go to

Here are her thoughts:

I’m thankful for Joy School. And Thanksgiving makes me miss Joy School because we sing one of my fav. Joy School songs to celebrate this month. It’s called Thank You Pilgrims and it’s “to die for!”

Once again, I’m a little biased about this, but it has been such a great experience for me to get to be the preschool teacher for each of my four oldest children. It is a cooperative preschool where the moms in the group take turns teaching. I have adored having that structured time to be with my kids, getting to know their friends, bonding with my friends (the other teachers), and teaching what I believe is the most important thing to help children starting off in their school career: Joy.

Joy of the Body.

Joy of Imagination and Creativity.

Joy of Honesty and Candor.

Joy of the Earth.

Joy of Service.
(Just a few of my favorites.)

I love the nature walks. I love making green eggs and ham. I love acting out “Hats for Sale.” And I love how excited my kids get when it’s at our house, and their mother gets to be their teacher. Boy howdy. That’s fun…most of the time…unless you have eight boys in your group…not so fun. I wouldn’t recommend that particular type of Joy School…

Anyway, just want you to know if you’re looking for some good bonding, teaching, warm-heart stuff, check it out at

We wish all our Valuesparenting family a very Merry Christmas. To our Joy Schoolers, we have our fingers crossed for a memorable and meaningful Joy School Nativity play. Please send pictures at the contact us button. We’d love to publish some prize winners on this blog.

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