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It was such a joy to be smack in the middle of Joy School after years of retirement from active service. Although I was just an observer, it was so fun to visit with our son and wonderful daughter-in-law who is doing Joy School in the middle of Manhattan in their 450 square foot apartment which includes a space for Joy School of about 10 square feet! Their living room is magically transformed into Joy School Heaven!

2009-11-03 eva and Bermuda 136

2009-11-03 eva and Bermuda 135

Their 5th Joy Schooler has just joined so there will be one more “window” next week!

It’s amazing to think that you can even do an “obstacle course” in ten square feet. The kids had a ball!

2009-11-03 eva and Bermuda 118

Kristi has a magically calm voice even with four active boys and one strong-willed little girl! As with every Joy School experience, every moment is not pure joy! When free-play time became a little too “free” she got out the memory game and then were instantly engaged:

2009-11-03 eva and Bermuda 137

Congratulations to all you great Joy School moms out there who are doing amazing things to teach your little ones Joy! Our hope is that you feel the joy as you teach. We have often said, “Only the best moms do Joy School! It takes time and effort and sometimes a lot of patience but the payoff is…priceless!”

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