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The past couple of weeks we have loved meeting parents who are doing a great job with their kids but are looking for some new ideas! 

Before I tell you about American History, we must say that we went through a little personal history in Idaho Falls, Idaho before we took off for the East Coast.  Going back to Idaho Falls was a trip back in time for me, as I grew up in Southeast Idaho and going to Idaho Falls was a visit to the greatly anticipated “BIG” city.  It was so great to scoot back into time for a couple of days!

What fun to be with James Drake (left) there where with the help of some friends he organized something called University for Parents at the Civic Center in downtown Idaho Falls.

2009-10-01  L Open House, JB Mopeltel 272

Shortly after, we traveled to Philadelphia where we enjoyed a lovely evening with the Young Presidents’ chapter there, learning as we taught about what great parents there are in the world! Our “day chairs” were outstanding!  


We also loved revisiting American history with the Liberty Bell, which still has the crack:



It was pouring with rain but we survived, soggy feet and all and loved reveling in the history of the birth of our country here at the site of the first Continental Congress:


From there we traveled down to Washington D.C. where our youngest son Eli and his wife Julie have just moved.  They have found a cute apartment that is just their cup of tea, just southeast of Capitol Hill.

Because Richard was immersed in the new Dan Brown novel which all takes place in D.C. we visited the Capitol and were amazed at all the new exhibits and Visitor’s Center that has been built in the last four years since Eli was an Intern there.


Of special interest, for those of you who have read the book, is the inside of the Capitol Dome!

The plaster cast of “Freedom” that stands atop the Capitol building in bronze now stands in the Visitor’s Center.  Ironically this personification of Freedom was originally hoisted to the top of that magnificent building by slaves!


The new Ronald Reagan statue has a small layer of the Berlin Wall “underfoot”.  Very nice touch (sorry can’t find the picture).  The also have a new statue of Helen Keller which is lovely!(see below)


Then it was on to the most magnificent architecture in all of Washington D.C., the Library of Congress, with it’s beautiful colors, columns and vaults!




It was a fascinating weekend and a great journey to the past!

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