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Imagination and Creativity #4

This week we had the wonderful opportunity to see hundreds of Joy School Moms! Some had done Joy School at the very beginning 30 years ago when we started the first Joy Schools and MANY were second generation Joy Schoolers who were doing Joy School with their own children. How fun it was to talk about those great days with those whose Joy School moms whose children have now grown up and so delightful to talk about those grown-up mothers who were “overjoyed” about their upcoming year of Joy School with their own children! What a remarkable thing it is to see teenagers, young adults and now young mothers still remembering their great times in Joy School and still able to SING, “Oh Boy, I’ve Got Joy”, still remembering the fun times they had with “Gunny Bag” and still remembering their “I AM UNIQUE” books!

Joy School Imagination and Creativity

The Joy of Imagination and Creativty (above)

Richard and I really can’t take credit for the amazing things that have happened since we wrote the first edition of Teaching Children Joy! Richard estimates that over 200,000 parents and children have now had a Joy School experience. Richard’s mother Ruth, an early childhood development major, wrote the first lesson plans, Wendy Murdock, a gifted musician, offered to write much of the music. Andrea Burgeon did much of the artwork and Joy School was born! Joy School Cheer

The Joy School Cheer (above)

This year, because of our economic woes, we feel that Joy School is a perfect alternative to an expensive pre-school. Besides that, both kids AND moms have learned a lot about having a joyful childhood…a once in a lifetime event! If any of you would like to send in an endorsement for Joy Schools we would love to hear from you as we share it with our Valuesparenting family.

I’m including a few pictures from our daughters’ Joy Schools. If you also have pictures that you would like to send we would love to share them as well! I always say, “It takes a very special mom to do Joy School! It takes extra time and effort (even though the picture are downloaded…already colored!). It does take extra time and effort…but the rewards are…priceless!

So if you or anyone you know needs a pre-school experience that you’ll never forget that is also financially vastly cheaper than anything else, it’s time to think about Joy School! Just click on the Joy School icon on the Valuesparenting website. We hope to see you there!

Imagination and Creativity #2

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