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Wow are we excited!!! I (Linda) had the rare opportunity this year of writing a book with my darling daughter Shawni released on April 1 (this is no April Fool’s joke)! Shawni is the Mother of five including this little cherub on the cover of the book. In addition to being a remarkable Mother, she is a fabulous photographer! About 50 of her gorgeous photos of moms, kids and families that will make you laugh and cry are found in these pages. It has 40 short, easy to read "secrets" that we’ve discovered on our path along the way. I have the advantage of perspective having raised nine strong-willed children and she, who is in the trenches with the day to day refiner’s fire writes what she has learned about the real life fun of being a mom as well as the crazy, "down and dirty" nobody-is-going-to-believe-this moments that every mother experiences.

There are five sections of secrets what include "Look for Light in the Trenches", "Have an Organized Offense", "Analyze", "Kids are Like Puzzles" and "Give Ownership". Hopefully it will inspire moms to share their own mothering secrets on a new web site for mothers at This new book has been published just in time for Mother’s Day, but since Motherhood involves every minute, every day, every year, we hope it will be timeless!

To save yourself a trip to the store go to to order. It is 10% off for a limited time. We’d love to hear your feedback at the "contact us" button on the Valuesparenting website.


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